As promised, another free download from tracks that didn’t get finished, make the B-Side or the album pile from the Jackal sessions.

Hopefully it’ll whet your appetite. Let us know what you think in the sound cloud comments. Enjoy Ya’ll! PS. There’s space at the end for a solo or audio madness. Feel free to download and add something in ;-)

Artwork - Cache Money by Stuart Semple (who else).


We know it’s been a while since we posted properly, but we’ve been mega busy with our new record.

Half of it is now mixed, and we’re pretty excited about our the other half is going turn out. It won’t be too much longer…

As we started to pull things together, we started to find a few of the early tracks we demoed for the record that didn’t make it. Although they’re a bit rough around the edges, we thought we’d share a few.

First up is ‘Last Man’, one of the first tracks. It’s pretty hard (guitar techno), and the outro won’t let you down.

As the record started to develop, it just didn’t sit right and just ended up being forgotten, and we never finished it. Some great little moments though.



Officers unleash BirdPen ‘Saver Destroyer’ Rosen remix

For those who don’t know who BirdPen are, you will soon, and not just because we’re going to talk about ‘em for a bit here. Trust us.


For starters, Dave Pen launched this project with Mike Bird a few years back, and they’ve released two awesome albums (so far…). Both members have contributed to the writing on the last four studio records from the mighty Archive, and continue to write, perform and tour as part of that band. If you haven’t heard Archive yet, check this video link out. We’re obviously big lovers of BP, and of course, Archive. 

Fortunately for us, the BirdPen guys are also fans of what we do, and it was a huge pleasure for us to do this remix of the anthemic ‘Saver Destroyer’ for them - we had a lot of fun with this one; best listened to when searching for some last minute motivation, we think. As ever, PLAY LOUD (prepare your ears for extra aural assault at about 5:25 too)!

This beast comes off of BirdPen’s awesome Rarities & Remixes album, and that’s available to buy at this link. Check it out and let us know what you think…?

More album news coming soon..


Stuart Semple in 1883 magazine!

Officers’ artist and all-round superstar Stuart Semple was in 1883 magazine recently. This piece gives a great insight into Stuart’s creative practices, his inspirations, collaborations and more.

Start-up artists and creative types should take note too, as the article (check out the cuttings below) sees Stuart give a very in-depth and personal account about how he started out selling stuff on eBay, and how doing something like that has led to his global recognition. If you wanna know how to get things done, then look know further than Mister Semple!

Enjoy X




Officers interview in Piano Magazine

We’re really pleased to unleash these extracts of our interview with Piano Magazine which has just come out! It was great to do, and we covered a lot of different topics over a few pages - from our origins, inspirations and ethos to touring with GN.

It’s an entirely DIY mag (and this one features other great bands like The Cribs and Loom) and so we want to make sure they can do another one - you can buy a copy at the following link: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/635950 and help to spread the creative love!







Thanks for reading, 



Original wall Of Death

1. Jamie Baker, Matt Southall, DanIV
2. “A machine playing like a man and man playing like a machine.”/
3. A coalition_.

STUART SEMPLE_ (artist.)
1. Contemporary image maker
2. “That's how I feel about the band and the sound, like it's from some left over tribe, or music that could last after the world ends.”/

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2. Riverman Management +44(0)20 7381 4000 / angus@riverman.co.uk / jamie.officer@gmail.com
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